Recover your Hacked facebook account (No Email Access)

This post is about recovering your lost facebook account.

One of my friend’s facebook account was recently hacked. He changed name on my friend’s profile and all the recovery option. I 3 to 4 days trying himself, he asked me for help. So I started searching for how I can recover the hacked facebook account.

I got some good forum links which I am posting here for others who might get some help from it

If above link doesn’t help and if you ended on “No Email Access” page. I would suggest not creating new facebook account and follow below form of facebook.

Select Yes for “Is this account impersonating you?” question and upload your ID.

Please add your comment if you feel this helped to you anyway. I would love to here from you. Also post if what happened and what facebook reply. I will update this post later once my friend got any reply from facebook.

All the best.