WordPress SMS Plugin – WP-SendSMS

WP-SendSMS WordPress Plugin add a feature of Sending Free SMS . This plugin will create form using Short Code.


Version 1.1

  • New Feature* Sending SMS to multiple numbers for promotion, customer notification etc. can be done easily from admin area. 
  • Bug Fixes. 

Comment here for any help. 

Features of Plugin:

  1. SMS Gateway Integration in plugin setting Page.
  2. Sender Id Setting
  3. Remove bad Words
  4. Limit Maximum Characters in SMS
  5. Captcha code enable/disable and Also can set Captcha Size and Number of Character
  6. Add Extra Confirmation page while sending SMS
  7. Allow or Not to allow users to send SMS without Login
  8. Show Custom Response or Original Response from SMS Gateway API

How Plugin Works?

For sending SMS to mobile you need to have any SMS Gateway for Sending SMS to the People. Many Bulk SMS Providers are available in the Market. You can buy it from any one.

How to integrate SMS Gateway?

This helps user to add any SMS gateway from admin. Its user some tags to replace it with dynamic content. Tags are as follow:

[Mobile] will be replaced dynamically while sending SMS

[TextMessage] will be replaced dynamically while sending SMS

Below are the examples for SMS Gateway API:

Example 1:



Example 2:


in place of yourusername place your original Username provided by SMS Gateway Provider and in place of yourpassword with your original password.

This is Very easy to integrate your SMS Gateway API in WordPress . Just replace your Mobile Number with the tag [Mobile] and SMS with the tag [TextMessage]. Sender ID will be automatically replaced that is set by admin on SMS Setting Page.

How to display SMS Form on front side?

Currently there is only one option available for the plugin to display form on the website and that using short code. Widget and function will be added in future version.

You can use Short Code in Page or Post content as below:


This is version 1.0. I will be keep Updating this plugin for adding new features.

How to Add / Edit more Bad Words?

You can add more bad through the file badwords.txt that is available in plugin directory. Just edit that file.

Future Features That I am going to include in next versions

  • Custom notification in front side SMS Form
  • Support Multiple API for sending SMS
  • Limit Per day SMS Sending per USER or per IP
  • Automatically Switching API on number of sent SMS
  • Exporting Facility for Sent SMS
  • Exporting Facility for Number
  • User Registration
  • Widget and Display function for SMS Form

Please feel free to ask any questions or comments here.

Also I also want to know what features can be included in this plugin that may help you to make this plugin more usable.


WordPress SMS Setting Page


Sent SMS Listing
Send SMS Form



By one of two way you can install this plugin Manual and Automatically. Manual Way requires FTP Access.

Below are the Manual Steps

  1. Download ‘WP-SMS’ and Upload it to the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create page for Sending SMS and Place showcode [wpsms_form]

Below are the steps for automatic way

  1. In wprdpress admin, go to plugin and Click on ‘Add New’
  2. Search For the plugin ‘WP-SMS’
  3. Locate the Plugin and Click on Install
  4. Create page for Sending SMS and Place showcode [wpsms_form]

Download WP-SendSMS

Please comment your suggestion Here or any queries. I will integrate new suggestion in next versions.

Thank you