WP-SendSMS WordPress Plugin add a feature of Sending Free SMS . This plugin will create form using Short Code.


Version 1.1

  • New Feature* Sending SMS to multiple numbers for promotion, customer notification etc. can be done easily from admin area. 
  • Bug Fixes. 

Comment here for any help. 

Features of Plugin:

  1. SMS Gateway Integration in plugin setting Page.
  2. Sender Id Setting
  3. Remove bad Words
  4. Limit Maximum Characters in SMS
  5. Captcha code enable/disable and Also can set Captcha Size and Number of Character
  6. Add Extra Confirmation page while sending SMS
  7. Allow or Not to allow users to send SMS without Login
  8. Show Custom Response or Original Response from SMS Gateway API

How Plugin Works?

For sending SMS to mobile you need to have any SMS Gateway for Sending SMS to the People. Many Bulk SMS Providers are available in the Market. You can buy it from any one.

How to integrate SMS Gateway?

This helps user to add any SMS gateway from admin. Its user some tags to replace it with dynamic content. Tags are as follow:

[Mobile] will be replaced dynamically while sending SMS

[TextMessage] will be replaced dynamically while sending SMS

Below are the examples for SMS Gateway API:

Example 1:


Example 2:

in place of yourusername place your original Username provided by SMS Gateway Provider and in place of yourpassword with your original password.

This is Very easy to integrate your SMS Gateway API in WordPress . Just replace your Mobile Number with the tag [Mobile] and SMS with the tag [TextMessage]. Sender ID will be automatically replaced that is set by admin on SMS Setting Page.

How to display SMS Form on front side?

Currently there is only one option available for the plugin to display form on the website and that using short code. Widget and function will be added in future version.

You can use Short Code in Page or Post content as below:


This is version 1.0. I will be keep Updating this plugin for adding new features.

How to Add / Edit more Bad Words?

You can add more bad through the file badwords.txt that is available in plugin directory. Just edit that file.

Future Features That I am going to include in next versions

  • Custom notification in front side SMS Form
  • Support Multiple API for sending SMS
  • Limit Per day SMS Sending per USER or per IP
  • Automatically Switching API on number of sent SMS
  • Exporting Facility for Sent SMS
  • Exporting Facility for Number
  • User Registration
  • Widget and Display function for SMS Form

Please feel free to ask any questions or comments here.

Also I also want to know what features can be included in this plugin that may help you to make this plugin more usable.


WordPress SMS Setting Page


Sent SMS Listing

Send SMS Form



By one of two way you can install this plugin Manual and Automatically. Manual Way requires FTP Access.

Below are the Manual Steps

  1. Download ‘WP-SMS’ and Upload it to the ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create page for Sending SMS and Place showcode [wpsms_form]

Below are the steps for automatic way

  1. In wprdpress admin, go to plugin and Click on ‘Add New’
  2. Search For the plugin ‘WP-SMS’
  3. Locate the Plugin and Click on Install
  4. Create page for Sending SMS and Place showcode [wpsms_form]

Download WP-SendSMS

Please comment your suggestion Here or any queries. I will integrate new suggestion in next versions.

Thank you

  • http://www.divatelecom.co.uk Andrew


    We had to add a line to urlencode the message prior to sending the get request, as any messages with spaces were not being sent.



    • TheDigiLife

      This problem is solved now. Thank you for taking this to my notice.

  • http://www.coolguruji.com kapil

    good work.
    try to add some more feature in it.

  • http://www.astute-technology.com MUSTAFFA MA

    hi, could you please help me to modify the api as for suitable use with nexmo api


    • TheDigiLife

      Sure Please contact me on thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

  • http://thepinkpamperer.com species5618

    UK mobile have 11 digit numbers

    tried ediing the sms foem code to accept 11 digits, which seemed to, but SMS seem to fail

    my SMS provier is txtlocal.co.uk

    • TheDigiLife

      can you send me more details about problem? you can contact me at thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

  • http://www.igalapedia.com Abdul

    I like to include send free sms to my website to attract visitors, how can I use your plugin to;
    1) Limit sending sms to only allowed subscriber
    2) Limit number of sms to send per day per user
    3) Enabling subscriber who send post to my web site to get a number of sms as incentive
    4) Enabling subscriber who comment on post on my web site to get a number of sms as incentive

  • caliray

    If it hasn’t been suggested before, the ability to upload a csv or text file directly into the plugin would be good. If this could be done so a single message could be sent to multiple recipients at once, this would be perfect for businesses such as restaurants sending out a daily lunch special.

  • RC

    I am using this API but not working with this plugin its not giving any response please help ..

    http://ultimatesmsapi.tk/sms.php?provider=way2sms&username=9876543210& password=9876543210&numbers=9876543210&msg=your msg

    • TheDigiLife

      Are you getting the response when calling the API from browser?

      • RC


      • RC

        Also it is giving error for file_get_contents(………./badwords.txt) not found

        • TheDigiLife

          Please download the plugin again and Try

          • RC

            please mail m the updated one… on my mail..

          • RC

            Its still not working giving error file_get_contents(http%3A%2F%2Fultimatesmsapi.tk%2Fsms.php%3Fusername%3…..) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home…. on line 153 please update it

          • RC

            Also it is not saving the sent Items… Please make final revision of this plugin and inform me.. I loved the idea of this plugin please complete and forword…

            Suggestion remove : “urlencode”

            and check for the saving problem

    • TheDigiLife

      Hi This has been Solved. Please check again with your API.

      Thanks For using this plugin.

  • reaveyo

    Hi – I am looking for some sms gateway integration – can anyone help you can email me – thanks

    • TheDigiLife

      Sure. What type of help you need.

  • Ary
  • Mathanagopalan

    Is this working in India

    • TheDigiLife

      Yes, It is working. If you have SMS Gateway API.

  • http://www.themegastructures.com Pankaj Chakraborty

    Does this plug-in comes with a contact list integration if not how can it be done..??

    • TheDigiLife

      No. You need to customize this plugin.

  • http://huiracocha.com Omar

    Hi I’m having a problem with clicktell API, can you please give a me a hand with this, I don’t what I’m doing wrong

    I tested with an old extension and works, but that extension only send to subscribers, plugin (International SMS Subscription Manager)

    Warning: file_get_contents(http%3A%2F%2Fapi.clickatell.com%2Fhttp%2Fsendmsg%3Fuser%3DACCOUNT%26password%3DPASSWORD%26api_id%3D ID %26to%3DMOBILENUMBER%26text%3Dhello) [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/39/10251739/html/HUIRACOCHA/wp-content/plugins/wp-sendsms/wp-sendsms.php on line 202

    • TheDigiLife

      Please download the latest version of Plugin.

  • http://www.lovelysms.in Gangaram Saini

    Hello ,I installed wp-send sms plugin.but it is not working.error is as file_get_contents(api url code)[function.get_contents]:failed to open stream:No such file or directory in home/mysms/public_html/shayari/wp-contents/plugins/wp-send sms/wp-sendsms.php online 242

    • TheDigiLife

      Issue resolved. Please download the Latest Copy.

  • http://www.lovelysms.in Gangaram saini

    Thanks for respose.I downloaded latest availble at wp plugin but not working please help me.from where can I download more latest vergin.

  • http://www.lovelysms.in Gangaram Saini

    I just downloaded plugin from http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-sendsms/ and installed but same problm is there.please help me

    • TheDigiLife

      Many bugs is fixed in new version please let me know if you still facing the problem.

  • Neil

    I’m using WordPress version 3.5.2 and when I insert the short code [wpsms_form] into a page or post the sms form always appears at the top of the page/post, no matter where I insert the short code (I’d like it to appear at the bottom of pages). Is this a compatibility problem with version 3.5.2 or am I missing something?

    • TheDigiLife

      Hi Neil, This bug is fixed in version 1.1 please download the latest version thanks

  • http://blog.releaseday.com sai

    how we get sender id?? I am not getting how we get the sendet id??

    • TheDigiLife

      Sender id is only used if your API/Gateway provider need it else remove it from URL its not required.

  • http://srbijaoglasi.com Branko Jagodic

    Hello,please can you make some youtube or else video instruction for this plugin, explane to the people who use this plugin for the first time how to make it work WHERE is API where to put it is this plugin free is the API fre or something.

    • TheDigiLife

      What problem you are facing?

  • http://srbijaoglasi.com Branko Jagodic

    I have install it and i dont now how to get it to work where is api key where to put it is this all free or i have to pay to something?

    • TheDigiLife

      You need to purchase SMS Gateway/HTTP API provider. There are many provider available online.

      • SpringeEdge

        You can request for SMS Gateway/HTTP API springedge.com

  • http://srbijaoglasi.com Branko Jagodic

    Ok thanks for the info,best regards.)

  • http://www.CodingFun.in RAJESH KUMAR YADAV

    My mvaayoo.com sms api code is below:

    http://api.mVaayoo.com/mvaayooapi/MessageCompose?user=developer.rky@gmail.com:mypassword&senderID=TEST SMS&receipientno=8010577677&dcs=0&msgtxt=This is Test message&state=4

    here mypassword is keyword that I have replaced because I dont want to show my private code to publically.

    please provide me integrated code for your plugin.

    • TheDigiLife
      • http://www.CodingFun.in RAJESH KUMAR YADAV

        Thanks for reply but when I applied your code then issue was same no msg sent and one my admin top area url came as http%3A%2F%2Fapi.mVaayoo.com%2Fmvaayooapi%2FMessageCompose%3Fuser%3Ddeveloper.rky%40gmail.com%3Amypassword%26senderID%3DSenderID%26receipientno%3DMobile%26dcs%3D0%26msgtxt%3DTextMessage%26state%3D4

        Finally your code is not working…when I directly paste mvaayoo api code in url then it works and sms came on my number as test msg but why it is not being integrated with your plugin?

        • Bryan

          Exact same issue as Rajesh – it generates what should be the API and dumps it on top of the admin send screen, no sms generated. If this is then URL decoded and pasted into a browser an SMS is sent.
          Any idea why the send SMS step is skipped and replaced with putting the text on the screen?

          • TheDigiLife

            Hi Bryan, Problem is resolved. Please let me know if you still face the problem.

            Please download the latest code from wordpress.


        • Zafar

          I’m facing the same problem. Has your problem been solved?

          • TheDigiLife

            Hi Zafar, Problem is resolved. Please download the latest code from wordpress.

            Let me know if you face any problem.


          • SpringeEdge

            this plugin is working good with springedge.com HTTP APIs to send sms

        • TheDigiLife

          Problem of sending SMS in admin is solved. Thanks to Rajesh, Zafar and Bryan for taking it to my notice.

          • Bryan

            Hi, thanks for the quick fix… you are almost there. I did some checking and there appear to be 2 remaining issues:
            1. The message will send if there are no spaces in the admin message. For example:
            a. this has spaces –> does NOT send (400 Bad request Your browser sent an invalid request.)
            b. thishasspaces –> DOES send
            c. this+has+spaces –> DOES send (and gives spaces)

            2. Any sent messages are not added to the “Sent SMS” log view

            Thanks for the plugin!

          • TheDigiLife

            Hi Bryan, It is working with many providers and also it is saving the sent sms log. Could you please check with your provider?

  • Bryan

    I am not a PHP coder (so excuse me for any newbie errors), but I made this change in function wpsms_send_admin()
    // $message=$_SESSION['message'];
    and now the sending works as expected (based on my original message, simply looks like it was not handling spaces in the message…. which this addresses)

    Sent messages likewise was not getting populated in the admin section, so I opened phpMyAdmin and saw the underlying table does actually have data, it is just not getting back to the screen.

    So I edited wp-sendsms/sms_sent.class.php
    // $query=’select * from wp_sent_sms order by ‘. $orderby . ‘ ‘ .$order;
    $query=’select * from ‘.$table.’ order by ‘. $orderby . ‘ ‘ .$order;

    (i.e. it was not using the correct table for some reason)

    Now both sending text with spaces works and logging shows up.

    • Bryan

      Also, table was hard-coded for deletes as well, making it dynamic sorted that out as well.

    • http://AGEEKYWORLD.COM Yasir Mughal

      You definitely aren’t a newbie, as you really solved my problem here. Thanks a lot ;)

      • TheDigiLife

        Thanks Yaris, Let me know if you face any problem in future.

    • yengko

      SMS sent from the backend- by admin are showing on the sent sms list but not the sms sent by the visitor … can you pls help me fix this issue !

  • http://AGEEKYWORLD.COM Yasir Mughal

    Hey there. I can send SMS from the settings menu but when I try to send an SMS from the actual published WordPress page, nothing happens, the same form is reloaded. Any solution? Thanks.

  • http://AGEEKYWORLD.COM Yasir Mughal

    Oh, I think there is the problem; I want to send SMS to pakistan, here the number will be either 12-digit or 14-digit.
    923334455666 or 00923334455666
    Any fix for this?

  • Ajay Karthik
    • TheDigiLife

      Hi Ajay, Thanks for downloading the plugin. Could you send me the screenshot on thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

      • Ajay Karthik


    • Shahzad Ghafoor

      Shit man.
      My wordpress site is block due to voilent google shorten terms

  • Real Hero


    I am adding Correct User Details But still its showing following error message “Invalid Username/password…”

    Can you please help me If you will give me your email ID I can send you my API Key with Login Details…

    • TheDigiLife

      you can contact me @ thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

      • Real Hero

        Thanks Mail Sent… I will wait for your reply.
        Thanks in Advance.

  • Bhavesh Prajapati

    HTTP Error 400. The request is badly formed.

    how to solve this error wp sms plugin

    • Abu Hisham

      If you still have problem, please give more information what Gateway you are using.

  • Tasfiq Hossain Khan

    Can you give me some SMS Gateway link so that i can buy from them??

    • Abu Hisham

      You can try a free account from https://www.nexmo.com/ and then if all works find, you can pay for more credits.

  • Abu Hisham


    Thank you for this wonderful Plug-In, it works well with my Nexmo account.
    I sent you a mail with screen shot for the following two questions, need your help please :

    1. When I open the the ‘Sent SMS’ menu link from admin, I am getting a screen without proper theme (please see attached screen shot) However, the other two pages “Send SMS” and “Setup” are appearing nicely.

    2. I want to know how can I add a field in the send form to add the Sender ID (please see attached screen shot)

    Thank you

    • Chirag

      Hi Abu,

      Please send me email at thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Jonas Cords

    Hi Chirag – I am planning a “restaurant frequent customer alert” tech demo – a key feature would be logging of SMS sent to specific numbers in a given timeframe, lets say 30 days, to appear near the user IDs in bulk selection mode.
    In order to allocate the sms per recipient reasonably.

    I would also be willing to shell out money (if affordable for me) to get the feature realized.
    Thanks in advance for a quick appraisal-

    • Chirag

      Hi Jonas, You can send me an email for details on thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

  • Richa Chaudhary

    i want to know that is it possible to automatically send sms while user get register or place a new order using woocommerce. please let me know.. if it is possible with any customization.

    • TheDigiLife

      Yes, That is possible.

      • Richa Chaudhary

        how Its possible.. please let me know the procedure. i will be very thankfulll to you….

  • http://www.codigosparablog.com/ codigosparablog
  • Krv Kvel


    I tried using your plugin it works with nexmo but not with my sms gateway where i have already bought the credits.

    If I use the SMS API seprately in the browser it works fine

    Help me


    • TheDigiLife

      Please send me email on thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com. with more details. I will look into this.

  • Toaitrantien

    Your plugin very useful, i like it, thank you very much!

    Especially for the custpm api webservice, it’s very useful !!

    It’s very good if we can choose what kind of user, like subscriber, editor, customer…in wordpress to send the message, would you like to add it in next feature?

    • TheDigiLife

      Nice feature, Thanks. I will include this in next version.

  • yengko

    Wonderful plugin … works perfectly with my bulk sms API , waiting eagerly for the next version ! When can we expect the next version ?

  • Vasundhara

    Hi. Great plug-in and works wonderfully! However, I need to make some tweaks.

    When someone submits the form, I want to receive the message only on one particular number. So I have included that number in the API key. But now, I also want to remove the mobile number field from the form and settings. Can you please help me out ?

    Also, when someone submits the form, I want to the page to reflect a custom Thank you message. How should I go about it??

    • TheDigiLife

      Hi Vasundhara,

      You need customize the plugin to make it work as per your requirement.

      This plugin is aimed to provide sending messages to other number which is provided in mobile.

      You can mail me at thedigilife1[at]gmail[dot]com

  • yengko

    Can you pls add an option to block a user from sending a sms to mobile numbers !

    Example : To add an block list of mobile number option at the backend to block visitors / login users from sending sms ! – common for all

    Another Example : Same but different list for different login users

    • TheDigiLife

      Thanks yengko, I will add the first feature in next release. Could you send more details on you last line?

  • http://www.hostingforest.net/ prakash prakash

    Great plugin i will use it. Thanks for given.

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