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Sometimes we need to set custom session variable for using in our custom code or any other web application which also running parallely with our wordpress installation. Also some time there is need to set and destroy our session variable for our custom web application when wordpress user login or logout.

So first of all we need to enable session in wordpress. I have tested this code in wordpress 3.X. First we need to start the session every time wordpress initialize. To initialize session in wordpress we can use below code.

This will start the session every time wordpress loads. In this function you can write any other session variable that you need to set default. Then we also need to destroy the session when wordpress user logout. To destroy the session and unset any variable we can use below code:

In this function you can write any other session variable that you want to unset.

Now, How can we set user data into the session variable? Answer is very simple see the below code:

Here we add authentication filter of wordpress to set the session. Also we can use this authenticate filter to restrict certain user from login into the wordpress. This function will set the session and later we can use it any where in the wordpress. Also you can set other system session variable so that when any user logs in wordpress he also get logs in other Custom system but condition is both wordpress installation and custom system need to be on same server.

Please post your comment here if this information helps you. I will keep posting more as I come to know more things.

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  • Ajay

    Thanks dear blogger, Finally i got the solution from your site. Very good work I like it thanks for that

  • Anu

    Hi sir , I have created a log in form on a page in wordpress site. it’s been hosted in godaddy. now i want to direct upon log in to other word press site say for example “xy” with session tracking in such a way that user upon log in can only access this site “xy” or else he can’t. please help me out

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