Bulk Email Script in PHP and MySQL Database

Here, I will show how we can send an email to multiple receiver by PHP script. This script also show how can we send bulk if we have server limitation to send particular number of email per particular time.  Many web hosting provider do not support bulk email so I have set the script to get out of this limitation.

This Bulk Email script can send HTML email. This script can be used to send promotional emails.

Here we will create two files to send an email. First one is HTML template of email and second one is actual code to send the email.

sample.html, you can create this html file as you want


You can set the cron job on sendmail.php on particular time frame. For example if you hosting provider support only 100 mail per hour than you can set cron job par hour and update the value here

Code for unsubscribe.php


Comment here if you have any queries.