I have been working as Business analyst from last 4 years and shaped up & delivered successful Web based solutions. From last 2-3 moths, I am working on to choose right Radio frequency Identification device (RFID). I believe that, it is challengeable task to find out right Hardware- RFID in international market with best quality and price. The main challenges are to understand first the frequency which will be selected as per the need and use. It must suffice our company’s requirement too like mine was Time management of Employees and auto login in POS (Point of scale system) which is mainly used in departmental store in Germany and UK. When I was analyzing the requirement, I have got a very good white paper of Motorola. Here I explaining the step of how come could I choose my RFID?

Step 1: Identify the purpose to get RFID

  •  Time Management (Physical Access Management, Logical Access Management)
  •   Access management
  •   Electronic ticketing
  •   Road tolling

Here, I mentioned those purpose only which I had to take care of them. You can explore more about purpose and its application in http://www.nxp.com

Step 2: Identify the right frequency candidate in context to read range, Characteristics which should be match with our purpose. Ref: Attached file.

Step 3: Identify the RFID Tag either Active or passive as based on the usage wants. The interesting news is, London Olympics-2012 also being used this contactless card which were provided by ASK- a world leading actor in contactless Technology.

Based on highly secure NXP MIFARE DESFire™ EV1 chips, these transport cards have allowed visitors, residents and volunteers to travel on London buses, trams, Tube, DLR, London Overground, National Rail, the Emirates Air Line and some Riverboat services during this highly visible sport event.

Step 4: Reach to the right provider

I have taken help of http://www.alibaba.com & http://www.taiwantrade.com.tw. I believe, no one can give RFID product with this price which some providers of China & Taiwan offered. But you have to check the quality and SDK support before you decide to buy from them. Alibaba and Taiwantrande will help to find out trustable provider in all of them.

Step 5: Make a wishlist and contact them

In this phase, you have to be cautious and be clear what you want from them otherwise they will convince you to buy any RF which they have. Talk with them, and explore more about RF reader and RF tags. Make a Scale matrix to choose the best one in all of them whom you contacted and talked. “See the demo if possible before you decide to buy”. Ensure that have they necessary certification like CE, ROHS etc.

Step 6: Take suggestion from other 2-3 BA  or colleague in last.

Choosing the Right RF Technology